PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries.

Recent Releases

sequential_uuids 1.0.2
UUID generators with sequential patterns, which helps to reduce random I/O patterns associated with regular entirely-random UUID.
pg_mustach 1.0.9
PostgreSQL mustach
pg_htmldoc 1.0.6
PostgreSQL htmldoc
pg_handlebars 1.0.5
PostgreSQL handlebars
pg_curl 1.0.19
PostgreSQL cURL
pg_task 1.0.84
PostgreSQL task
vector 0.2.2
Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres
orafce 3.18.1
Oracle's compatibility functions and packages
lower_quantile 1.0.0
aggregate calculating lower quantile
aggs_for_vecs 1.3.0
Aggregate functions for vectors (arrays) of numbers
pg_xxhash 0.0.1
PostgreSQL xxHash
datafly_anon 1.0.30
Datafly anonymizer
plpgsql_check 2.1.1
Additional tools for plpgsql functions validation
pgMemento 0.7.3
Audit trail with schema versioning for PostgreSQL using transaction-based logging
pg_query_rewrite 0.0.3
rewrites SQL statement
pg_log_statements 0.0.3
set log_statement for specific backends
pg_readonly 1.0.1
set all cluster databases in read only
sqlite_fdw 2.1.1
Foreign Data Wrapper for SQLite databases
PostgreSQL_Faker 0.5.1
Fake Data Generator for Postgres
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