PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries.

Recent Releases

pg_doctest 0.0.1
doctest for Postgres functions
pg_curl 1.0.25
PostgreSQL cURL
vector 0.3.2
Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres
plpgsql_check 2.2.4
Additional tools for plpgsql functions validation
orafce 4.0.1
Oracle's compatibility functions and packages
pg_query_rewrite 0.0.4
rewrites SQL statement
pg_set_acl 0.0.2
SET command access control list
pg_start_sql 0.0.2
runs SQL statement at instance start
pg_logqueryid 1.0.1
logs pg_stat_statements queryId for auto_explain
pg_log 0.0.3
displays log content from SQL
pg_task 1.0.98
PostgreSQL task
pg_icu_parser 1.0.0
Full text search parser using ICU boundary analysis
Pyrseas 0.10.0
Utilities to assist in database schema versioning
pg_readonly 1.0.3
set all cluster databases in read only
pg_log_statements 0.0.4
set log_statement for specific backends
h3 4.0.3
PostgreSQL bindings for H3
bson 2.0.1
Create BSON type and functionality similar to json and jsonb
pg_procfs 0.0.2
displays /proc data from SQL
pgMemento 0.7.4
Audit trail with schema versioning for PostgreSQL using transaction-based logging
oracle_fdw 2.5.0
A Foreign Data Wrapper for Oracle
citus 11.1.4
Scalable PostgreSQL for real-time workloads
parray_gin 1.3.7
GIN partial array match
semver 0.32.0
A semantic version data type
pgsodium 3.0.6
Postgres extension for libsodium functions
pg_repack 1.4.8
PostgreSQL module for data reorganization
pgsql_tweaks 0.10.1
Contains PostgreSQL functions which I regularly needed.
ApacheAGE 1.1.0
Apache AGE is a PostgreSQL Extension that provides graph database functionality
E-Maj 4.1.0
E-Maj is a PostgreSQL extension which enables fine-grained write logging and time travel on subsets of the DB.
iif 0.0.1
iif function support
PostgreSQL_Anonymizer 1.1.0
Data Anonymization for Postgres
pg_track_settings 2.1.0
A simple extension which keep track of postgresql settings modifications
pg_stat_monitor 1.1.0
PostgreSQL Query Performance Monitoring Tool
db2_fdw 5.0.0
PostgreSQL Data Wrappper to DB2 databases
pg_diffix 1.1.0
A PostgreSQL extension for strong dynamic anonymization.
psl 1.0.0
Canonicalize domain names using the public suffix list
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