PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries.

Recent Releases

mvtbl 0.0.2
Easily move tables around tablespaces
wltree 0.2.0
This is adevens patched version of Postgres ltree module
lock_pool 0.0.1
To wait on a lock pool
base62 0.0.1
Integers represented in base62
plpgsql_check 2.7.0
Additional tools for plpgsql functions validation
currency 0.0.4
Enumerable currency list, stored in a single-byte, fixed-length type.
pg_task 2.1.0
PostgreSQL and Greenplum job scheduler pg_task allows to execute any sql command at any specific time at background asynchronously
pg_curl 2.2.1
PostgreSQL cURL allows most curl actions, including data transfer with URL syntax via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP
pg_uuidv7 1.4.0
Create UUIDv7 values in Postgres
pg_xenophile 0.8.1
More than the bare necessities for i18n.
pg_utility_trigger_functions 1.9.2
Some pet trigger functions that the extension author likes to follow him through various PostgreSQL projects.
pg_text_semver 0.1.5
PostgreSQL semantic versioning extension, with comparison functions and operators.
pg_safer_settings 0.8.11
A handful of functions and mechanisms to make dealing with settings in Postgres a bit … safer.
pg_rowalesce 0.1.12
rowalesce() is like coalesce(), but for rows and other composite types.
pg_role_fkey_trigger_functions 0.11.8
A bunch of trigger functions to help establish and/or maintain referential integrity for columns that reference PostgreSQL ROLE NAMEs.
pg_readme 0.6.5
Generates a Markdown README from COMMENT objects found in the pg_description system catalog.
pg_mockable 0.4.1
Create mockable versions of functions from other schemas.
pg_html5_email_address 1.2.3
Email validation that is consistent with the HTML5 spec.
pg_extra_time 1.1.1
Some date-time functions and operators that, according to the extension author, ought to be part of the PostgreSQL standard distribution.
powa 4.2.2
An extension gathering pg_stat_statements and other plugins statistics
pg_repack 1.5.0
PostgreSQL module for data reorganization
pgtelemetry 1.6.0
Useful monitoring and metrics views for PostgreSQL
istore 0.1.12
An integer -> integer key/value store for analytic workloads
hashtypes 0.1.5
data types for sha{1,256,512}, md5 and crc32
country 0.0.4
Enumerable country list, stored in a single-byte, fixed-length type.
base36 1.1.1
Integers represented in base36
pgsql_tweaks 0.10.2
Contains PostgreSQL functions which I regularly needed.
citus 12.1.1
Scalable PostgreSQL for real-time workloads
pgsodium 3.1.9
Postgres extension for libsodium functions
E-Maj 4.3.1
E-Maj is a PostgreSQL extension which enables fine-grained write logging and time travel on subsets of the DB.
ajbool 0.0.3
Three valued boolean with pseudo-NULL for primary keys
ddlx 0.27.0
DDL eXtractor Functions
pg_bm25 9.9.9
Full text search for PostgreSQL using BM25
permuteseq 1.2.2
Extension to manage scalable pseudo-random permutations of sequences
orafce 4.7.0
Oracle's compatibility functions and packages
vector 0.5.1
Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres
pg_hint_plan12 1.3.9
Query hints in SQL comments
pg_hint_plan13 1.3.9
Query hints in SQL comments
pg_hint_plan14 1.4.2
Query hints in SQL comments
pg_hint_plan15 1.5.1
Query hints in SQL comments
pg_hint_plan16 1.6.0
Query hints in SQL comments
byteamagic 0.2.4
extension to determinate the filetypes of bytea BLOBs
db2_fdw 6.0.0
PostgreSQL Data Wrappper to DB2 databases
sqlite_fdw 2.4.0
Foreign Data Wrapper for SQLite databases
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