Tag: “table”


explanation 0.3.0 Explain a query and display the nodes as a relation organized as a proximity tree Browse Download
foreign_table_exposer 1.0.0 Expose foreign tables as a regular table Browse Download
logical_ddl 0.1.0 (testing) DDL replication over logical replication Browse Download
mimeo 1.5.1 Extension for specialized, per-table replication between PostgreSQL databases Browse Download
pg_partman 4.7.3 Extension to manage partitioned tables by time or ID Browse Download
pg_pathman 1.5.2 Fast partitioning tool for PostgreSQL Browse Download
pg_rowalesce 0.1.12 rowalesce() is like coalesce(), but for rows and other composite types. Browse Download
pg_xenophile 0.8.2 More than the bare necessities for i18n. Browse Download
pgtt 2.4.0 Extension to add Global Temporary Tables feature to PostgreSQL. Browse Download
table_version 1.5.0 PostgreSQL table versioning extension, recording row modifications and its history Browse Download