Tag: “trigger”


check_updates 1.0.1 Trigger functions to allow/deny certain type of table updates Browse Download
logical_ddl 0.1.0 (testing) DDL replication over logical replication Browse Download
pg_role_fkey_trigger_functions 0.11.9 A bunch of trigger functions to help establish and/or maintain referential integrity for columns that reference PostgreSQL ROLE NAMEs. Browse Download
pg_safer_settings 0.8.12 A handful of functions and mechanisms to make dealing with settings in Postgres a bit … safer. Browse Download
pg_utility_trigger_functions 1.9.3 Some pet trigger functions that the extension author likes to follow him through various PostgreSQL projects. Browse Download
tg_sanity 0.1.0 Trigger function for enforcing data quality Browse Download
tuplock 1.2.2 lock tuples (rows) with a boolean attribute Browse Download