Tag: “meta”


cat_tools 0.2.1 Tools for interfacing with the Postgres catalog Browse Download
ddlx 0.27.0 DDL eXtractor Functions Browse Download
file_fdw_program 1.0.1 backport of PROGRAM option for file_fdw Browse Download
generate_date_series 1.0.0 generate_series() for date types Browse Download
pg_mockable 0.1.2 Create mockable versions of functions from other schemas. Browse Download
pg_readme 0.6.6 Generates a Markdown README from COMMENT objects found in the pg_description system catalog. Browse Download
pmpp 1.2.3 Poor Man's Parallel Processing Browse Download
trunklet 0.3.3 A templating system for Postgres. Browse Download
trunklet-format 0.2.0 (unstable) A format()-based template language for trunklet Browse Download