pg_extra_time 0.4.0 Some date-time functions and operators that, according to the extension author, ought to be part of the PostgreSQL standard distribution. Browse Download
pg_html5_email_address 1.1.0 Email validation that is consistent with the HTML5 spec. Browse Download
pg_mockable 0.1.6 Create mockable versions of functions from other schemas. Browse Download
pg_readme 0.5.6 Generates a Markdown README from COMMENT objects found in the pg_description system catalog. Browse Download
pg_role_fkey_trigger_functions 0.11.0 A bunch of trigger functions to help establish and/or maintain referential integrity for columns that reference PostgreSQL ROLE NAMEs. Browse Download
pg_rowalesce 0.1.8 rowalesce() is like coalesce(), but for rows and other composite types. Browse Download
pg_safer_settings 0.6.1 A handful of functions and mechanisms to make dealing with settings in Postgres a bit … safer. Browse Download
pg_utility_trigger_functions 1.1.1 Some pet trigger functions that the extension author likes to follow him through various PostgreSQL projects. Browse Download
pg_xenophile 0.5.3 More than the bare necessities for i18n. Browse Download