Postgres extension for VPD implementations

A Postgres Add-on For Implementing Relational Security Systems

Veil2 provides a framwork for the implementation of relational security systems.

The primary aims of a relational security system are to make the management of access to data a seamless, and necessary, component of your application, and to make its implementation as simple as possible and as sophisticated as needed.

Veil2 is designed to make the implementation of relational security systems as easy as possible. It provides an extensible framework of permissions, permission checks, and user authentication so that you can start building a secure database in a matter of hours.

Documentation is provided here on github.

Getting Started

The concept of a Relational Security System is relatively new and little-known. This section describes what a relational security system is. This describes what is different about relational security, and the fundamental concepts behind Veil2 are described here.


See the Contact Page in the Veil2 documents.


Veil2 is distributed under the General Public License version 3. See the LICENSE file.

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