tinyint 0.1.1



% SELECT 1::tinyint;


This module provides 1 byte signed integer type with operators, index access methods and support functions. You can use it as like the corresponding data type in other RDBMS as well as smallint, integer or bigint in PostgreSQL. Although the byte used for 1 tinyint is exactly 1 byte, you need to take account into its position in the row if you really care the table size since PostgreSQL usually pads extra bytes for the alignment of 4.

tinyint holds -127 to 127. +, -, *, %. min(), max(), sum(), avg(), btree index and gin index are supported as other integer types.


This library is stored in an open GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and contribute! Please file bug reports via GitHub Issues.


Hitoshi Harada

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) Hitoshi Harada.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the PostgreSQL License.

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