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A more efficient way to represent a Salesforce ID than a string
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salesforce_id 0.1.2
A more efficient way to represent a Salesforce ID than a string


PostgreSQL SalesforceId plugin

PostgreSQL plugin for representing Salesforce Id

PostgreSQL salesforce_id type

The article describe the detail of a Salesforce ID. It is made of 15 case sensitive characters and an extra optional 3 case insensitive characters that makes the whole string case insensitive.

The characters to be used are 0-9A-Za-z. This makes it possible to encode one character on only 6 bits. We can then divide the whole string in 3 parts of 5 characters. Each part can fit in a 32 bit unsigned integer using the ascii code of each character and using its index in a predefined dictionnary string.

I follow the algorithm written in here to convert a 15 characters string to 18 and vice versa.


make && make install

```SQL create extension salesforce_id;

SELECT '0012800000CXn0kAAD'::salesforce_id; SELECT '0012800000CXn0kAAD'::salesforce_id = '0012800000CXn0k'; // should be TRUE ```


It turns out the difference in size between a text and salesforce_id is not extremely significant in terms of space. About 10MB lower for salesforce_id compare to text, for about a million records. The speed seems to also be slightly faster when comparing salesforce_id vs text, but it will need benchmarking to establish a consistent improvement benefit.

This plugin has not been tested on production.