Augmentation Objects

These objects are defined in the aug_map argument to the apply method of ~pyrseas.augmentdb.AugmentDatabase. They tie the desired augmentations, e.g., audit columns, to the tables to be affected, and the schemas owning the tables.

module: pyrseas.augment.schema

Augmentation Schema

autoclass: AugSchema

automethod: AugSchema.apply

autoclass: AugSchemaDict

automethod: AugSchemaDict.from_map

automethod: AugSchemaDict.link_current

automethod: AugSchemaDict.link_refs

module: pyrseas.augment.table

Augmentation Table

autoclass: AugDbClass

autoclass: AugTable

automethod: AugTable.apply

autoclass: AugClassDict

automethod: AugClassDict.from_map

automethod: AugClassDict.link_current