0.9.1 (14-apr-2020)

Expanded the number of keywords that are quoted if they are present in generated SQL statements. (#212)

Various changes to support Postgres 12.

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Handling of multiple foreign key constraints (#210)
  • Column qualifications in Extensions query (#208)

0.9.0 (22-Jul-2019)

Schema 'public' is no longer treated as a special case (176)

Yamltodb was changed to support Postgres 11, in particular due to changes to the 'pg_proc' catalog (#195)

Dbtoyaml now outputs column information for views, both regular and materialized (184)

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Do not assume constraints always refer to columns (#188)
  • Add non-'public' schemas to search_path to avoid problems with some extensions (e.g., PostGIS) that need them to resolve objects (#91)
  • Prevent a view definition from changing a column type (#90)
  • Inconsistent handling of FOREIGN KEY and UNIQUE constraints leading to AttributeErrors (#182)
  • Recreation of tsvector triggers when columns are added (#179)

0.8.0 (12-Dec-2017)

Significant rearchitecture of methods to generate SQL.

  • An object dependency graph is built and traversed to generate SQL in correct order (#72, #86, #100)

Added support for Postgres 10, specifically:

  • Table partitioning syntax (#163)
  • Column specification GENERATED AS IDENTITY (#164)

Added support for other Postgres features:

  • Parallel safe functions and partial aggregation (#161)
  • RANGE types (#173)
  • ALTER TYPE ADD VALUE for changes to ENUM types (#87)

0.7.2 (23-Jan-2015)

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Do not error on tables whose names start with 'public' (#109)
  • Deal properly with inherited constraints in children tables (#102)
  • Handle external languages like plv8 correctly (#97)
  • Correct quoting of mixed case constraint names (#83)
  • Avoid problems with certain complex index definitions (#98)
  • Have dbtoyaml output correctly a table with an embedded period in the name and having an associated sequence (#79)
  • Use relative paths in database summary for --multiple-files (#93)
  • Support mapping of indexes on materialized views (#82)

0.7.1 (5-Dec-2013)

  • Moved config.yaml under pyrseas directory and use package_data to install (#77)
  • yamltodb output to a file is encoded using utf-8 (#78)

0.7.0 (25-Nov-2013)

  • Added support for:

    • Postgres 9.3, specifically
    • Partial indexes
    • Storage parameters in CREATE and ALTER TABLE
    • LEAKPROOF qualifier for FUNCTIONs
    • YAML multi-line string formatting for view definitions, function source text and object comments
  • Configuration files

    All Pyrseas utilities can now use YAML-formatted configuration files, in addition to command line options

  • Multiple-file input or output

    Spread database object information across a version control repository

  • Data export/import

    Load a database with static data in production or data subsets for testing

  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb

    • Added --quote-reserved option to yamltodb
    • Exclude arguments from sfunc and finalfunc attributes of aggregate functions (#54)
    • Correct generation of SQL for functions with DEFAULT arguments (#52)
  • Augmenter

    New utility (dbaugment) to consistently add objects to an existent database. This is currently an experimental feature and covers adding audit columns to tables.

  • TTM-inspired relational interface

    A new interface to Postgres, inspired by The Third Manifesto

0.6.1 (31-Jan-2013)

  • Add support for INSTEAD OF triggers on views (#50).
  • Eliminated yamltodb generation of spurious REVOKE/GRANT commands (#51).
  • Removed setuptools from install_requires.

0.6.0 (26-Oct-2012)

  • Added support for:
    • OWNER information
    • Access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE)
    • TABLESPACEs for tables, primary keys and indexes
    • MATCH attributes for foreign keys (#34)
    • ENUMs with no labels (#31)
    • UNLOGGED tables (#45)
    • CREATE FUNCTION SET configuration_parameter (#46)
    • PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Correctly support index functions/expressions (#3, #44).
  • Schema-qualify composite types when dropping or renaming attributes (#47)
  • Fix DbConnection exception handling under Python 3 (#25).
  • dbtoyaml
    • Fix -t option to output sequences owned by table and the schema description.
    • Use pg_user_mappings view to allow usage by non-superusers.
  • yamltodb
    • Schema-qualify table when dropping columns (#26).
    • Correct column drop/add case in middle of table (#8).
    • Fix adding and dropping of columns in inherited tables (#33).
    • Enable renaming of indexes (#38).
    • Ignore all temp schemas (#37)
  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb
    • Give PGUSER precedence over USER environment variable.
  • Testing
    • Added support, via Tox, for testing against multiple PostgreSQL/Python combinations
    • Changes and documentation for testing on Microsoft Windows

0.5.0 (10-Mar-2012)

  • Added support for:
    • TEXTSEARCH parsers, dictionaries, configurations and templates
    • ROWS clause in set-returning functions (issue #11)
    • Deferrable/deferred constraints (#13)
    • CATEGORY and PREFERRED clauses for TYPEs, SORTOP clause for AGGREGATEs HASHES and MERGES clauses for OPERATORs (#15)
    • Operator class qualifiers for INDEXes (#16)
    • Python 3.2 and later
  • Correct schema normalization for constraints (#9) and indexes.
  • Fix COMMENTs generated for constraints (#12).
  • Fix DEFAULT clause for OPERATOR CLASS.
  • dbtoyaml
    • When restricting to specific schemas or tables, include non-schema objects (e.g., languages).
  • yamltodb
    • Add -n/--schema option (#6).
    • Add -u/--update option to apply SQL statements to target database.
    • Exclude database-wide objects when -n/--schema is used (#21).
    • Allow YAML spec argument to be read from standard input.
  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb
    • Add -o/--output option
    • Add -W/--password option (#18)

0.4.1 (27-Oct-2011)

  • Make the initial SET search_path persistent.
  • Correct exclusion of PG internal schemas in various queries.
  • Fix generation of COMMENTs with single quotes in the text.
  • For inherited tables, only generate constraints that are defined locally.
  • Correct generation of ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN when input columns are in different order than original.
  • Support PG 9.1 (add description for PL/pgSQL language).

0.4.0 (26-Sep-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • CASTs
    • Dynamically loaded C language functions
    • Composite and base TYPEs
  • Clean up and enhance documentation and redundant methods.
  • Use obj_description/col_description functions instead of querying pg_description directly.

0.3.1 (26-Aug-2011)

  • Added workaround for incorrect assumption that 'public' schema is always present (issue #4).
  • Added support for delimited (or quoted) identifiers, e.g., those with embedded spaces, upper case characters, etc. (except for SQL keywords) (issue #5).

0.3.0 (30-Jun-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • AGGREGATE functions
    • DOMAINs
    • ENUMerated TYPEs
    • Functions returning table row types
    • INDEXes on expressions (issue #3)
    • Rewrite RULEs
    • SECURITY DEFINER functions
    • TRIGGERs
  • Enhanced host/port defaults to use sockets, resulting in noticeable performance improvement.

0.2.1 (7-Jun-2011)

  • Fixed problem with mapping a FOREIGN KEY in a table with a dropped column (issue #2).

0.2.0 (19-May-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • COMMENTs on schemas, tables, columns and functions
    • ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN and enhanced support for other ALTER object RENAME statements.
    • VIEWs
    • INHERITed tables, and by extension, partitioned tables.
    • FUNCTIONs.
  • Added files for release via PGXN.
  • Added support for testing against multiple PostgreSQL versions.
  • Fixed cross-schema REFERENCES failure in dbtoyaml (issue #1).

0.1.0 (5-Apr-2011)

  • Initial release
    • dbtoyaml and yamltodb support PostgreSQL schemas, tables, sequences, check constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, unique constraints and indexes.