module: pyrseas.dbobject.index

The index module defines two classes, Index and IndexDict, derived from DbSchemaObject and DbObjectDict, respectively.


Class Index is derived from ~pyrseas.dbobject.DbSchemaObject and represents an index on a database table, other than a primary key or unique constraint index. Its keylist attributes are the schema name, the table name and the index name.

An Index has the following attributes: access_method, unique, and keycols.

autoclass: Index

automethod: Index.key_expressions

automethod: Index.to_map

automethod: Index.create

automethod: Index.diff_map

Index Dictionary

Class IndexDict is derived from ~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict and represents the collection of indexes in a database.

autoclass: IndexDict

automethod: IndexDict.from_map

automethod: IndexDict.diff_map