0.10.0 (7-Nov-2022)

Convert Pyrseas to use Psycopg version 3. Remove support for Python 2.x and Postgres versions prior to PG 10.

Reinstate code for interfacing with psycopg, removing the dependency on pgdbconn.

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Partial fix for database objects owned by extensions. (#236)
  • Deal with pg_pltemplate catalog being removed in PG 13. (#226, #227)
  • Problem with trigger procedures with arguments. (#219)

0.9.1 (14-Apr-2020)

Expanded the number of keywords that are quoted if they are present in generated SQL statements. (#212)

Various changes to support Postgres 12.

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Handling of multiple foreign key constraints (#210)
  • Column qualifications in Extensions query (#208)

0.9.0 (22-Jul-2019)

Schema 'public' is no longer treated as a special case (176)

Yamltodb was changed to support Postgres 11, in particular due to changes to the 'pg_proc' catalog (#195)

Dbtoyaml now outputs column information for views, both regular and materialized (184)

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Do not assume constraints always refer to columns (#188)
  • Add non-'public' schemas to search_path to avoid problems with some extensions (e.g., PostGIS) that need them to resolve objects (#91)
  • Prevent a view definition from changing a column type (#90)
  • Inconsistent handling of FOREIGN KEY and UNIQUE constraints leading to AttributeErrors (#182)
  • Recreation of tsvector triggers when columns are added (#179)

0.8.0 (12-Dec-2017)

Significant rearchitecture of methods to generate SQL.

  • An object dependency graph is built and traversed to generate SQL in correct order (#72, #86, #100)

Added support for Postgres 10, specifically:

  • Table partitioning syntax (#163)
  • Column specification GENERATED AS IDENTITY (#164)

Added support for other Postgres features:

  • Parallel safe functions and partial aggregation (#161)
  • RANGE types (#173)
  • ALTER TYPE ADD VALUE for changes to ENUM types (#87)

0.7.2 (23-Jan-2015)

Fixed various issues, including:

  • Do not error on tables whose names start with 'public' (#109)
  • Deal properly with inherited constraints in children tables (#102)
  • Handle external languages like plv8 correctly (#97)
  • Correct quoting of mixed case constraint names (#83)
  • Avoid problems with certain complex index definitions (#98)
  • Have dbtoyaml output correctly a table with an embedded period in the name and having an associated sequence (#79)
  • Use relative paths in database summary for --multiple-files (#93)
  • Support mapping of indexes on materialized views (#82)

0.7.1 (5-Dec-2013)

  • Moved config.yaml under pyrseas directory and use package_data to install (#77)
  • yamltodb output to a file is encoded using utf-8 (#78)

0.7.0 (25-Nov-2013)

  • Added support for:

    • Postgres 9.3, specifically
    • Partial indexes
    • Storage parameters in CREATE and ALTER TABLE
    • LEAKPROOF qualifier for FUNCTIONs
    • YAML multi-line string formatting for view definitions, function source text and object comments
  • Configuration files

    All Pyrseas utilities can now use YAML-formatted configuration files, in addition to command line options

  • Multiple-file input or output

    Spread database object information across a version control repository

  • Data export/import

    Load a database with static data in production or data subsets for testing

  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb

    • Added --quote-reserved option to yamltodb
    • Exclude arguments from sfunc and finalfunc attributes of aggregate functions (#54)
    • Correct generation of SQL for functions with DEFAULT arguments (#52)
  • Augmenter

    New utility (dbaugment) to consistently add objects to an existent database. This is currently an experimental feature and covers adding audit columns to tables.

  • TTM-inspired relational interface

    A new interface to Postgres, inspired by The Third Manifesto

0.6.1 (31-Jan-2013)

  • Add support for INSTEAD OF triggers on views (#50).
  • Eliminated yamltodb generation of spurious REVOKE/GRANT commands (#51).
  • Removed setuptools from install_requires.

0.6.0 (26-Oct-2012)

  • Added support for:
    • OWNER information
    • Access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE)
    • TABLESPACEs for tables, primary keys and indexes
    • MATCH attributes for foreign keys (#34)
    • ENUMs with no labels (#31)
    • UNLOGGED tables (#45)
    • CREATE FUNCTION SET configuration_parameter (#46)
    • PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Correctly support index functions/expressions (#3, #44).
  • Schema-qualify composite types when dropping or renaming attributes (#47)
  • Fix DbConnection exception handling under Python 3 (#25).
  • dbtoyaml
    • Fix -t option to output sequences owned by table and the schema description.
    • Use pg_user_mappings view to allow usage by non-superusers.
  • yamltodb
    • Schema-qualify table when dropping columns (#26).
    • Correct column drop/add case in middle of table (#8).
    • Fix adding and dropping of columns in inherited tables (#33).
    • Enable renaming of indexes (#38).
    • Ignore all temp schemas (#37)
  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb
    • Give PGUSER precedence over USER environment variable.
  • Testing
    • Added support, via Tox, for testing against multiple PostgreSQL/Python combinations
    • Changes and documentation for testing on Microsoft Windows

0.5.0 (10-Mar-2012)

  • Added support for:
    • TEXTSEARCH parsers, dictionaries, configurations and templates
    • ROWS clause in set-returning functions (issue #11)
    • Deferrable/deferred constraints (#13)
    • CATEGORY and PREFERRED clauses for TYPEs, SORTOP clause for AGGREGATEs HASHES and MERGES clauses for OPERATORs (#15)
    • Operator class qualifiers for INDEXes (#16)
    • Python 3.2 and later
  • Correct schema normalization for constraints (#9) and indexes.
  • Fix COMMENTs generated for constraints (#12).
  • Fix DEFAULT clause for OPERATOR CLASS.
  • dbtoyaml
    • When restricting to specific schemas or tables, include non-schema objects (e.g., languages).
  • yamltodb
    • Add -n/--schema option (#6).
    • Add -u/--update option to apply SQL statements to target database.
    • Exclude database-wide objects when -n/--schema is used (#21).
    • Allow YAML spec argument to be read from standard input.
  • dbtoyaml/yamltodb
    • Add -o/--output option
    • Add -W/--password option (#18)

0.4.1 (27-Oct-2011)

  • Make the initial SET search_path persistent.
  • Correct exclusion of PG internal schemas in various queries.
  • Fix generation of COMMENTs with single quotes in the text.
  • For inherited tables, only generate constraints that are defined locally.
  • Correct generation of ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN when input columns are in different order than original.
  • Support PG 9.1 (add description for PL/pgSQL language).

0.4.0 (26-Sep-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • CASTs
    • Dynamically loaded C language functions
    • Composite and base TYPEs
  • Clean up and enhance documentation and redundant methods.
  • Use obj_description/col_description functions instead of querying pg_description directly.

0.3.1 (26-Aug-2011)

  • Added workaround for incorrect assumption that 'public' schema is always present (issue #4).
  • Added support for delimited (or quoted) identifiers, e.g., those with embedded spaces, upper case characters, etc. (except for SQL keywords) (issue #5).

0.3.0 (30-Jun-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • AGGREGATE functions
    • DOMAINs
    • ENUMerated TYPEs
    • Functions returning table row types
    • INDEXes on expressions (issue #3)
    • Rewrite RULEs
    • SECURITY DEFINER functions
    • TRIGGERs
  • Enhanced host/port defaults to use sockets, resulting in noticeable performance improvement.

0.2.1 (7-Jun-2011)

  • Fixed problem with mapping a FOREIGN KEY in a table with a dropped column (issue #2).

0.2.0 (19-May-2011)

  • Added support for:
    • COMMENTs on schemas, tables, columns and functions
    • ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN and enhanced support for other ALTER object RENAME statements.
    • VIEWs
    • INHERITed tables, and by extension, partitioned tables.
    • FUNCTIONs.
  • Added files for release via PGXN.
  • Added support for testing against multiple PostgreSQL versions.
  • Fixed cross-schema REFERENCES failure in dbtoyaml (issue #1).

0.1.0 (5-Apr-2011)

  • Initial release
    • dbtoyaml and yamltodb support PostgreSQL schemas, tables, sequences, check constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, unique constraints and indexes.