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prioritize 1.0.4
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get/set priorities of PostgreSQL backends
This module provides methods to get and set the priorities of PostgreSQL backends.
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prioritize 1.0.4
get and set the priorities of backends



This module implements an interface to getpriority() and setpriority() for PostgreSQL backends, callable from SQL functions. Essentially, this module allows users to `renice' their backends.


SELECT get_backend_priority(pg_backend_pid());

SELECT set_backend_priority(pg_backend_pid(), 10);

SELECT set_backend_priority(pid, get_backend_priority(pid) + 5)
  FROM pg_stat_activity


This module allows users to query and set the priority of PostgreSQL backend processes. The priority values are used by getpriority() and setpriority(), which you may be familiar with from the nice' orrenice' programs.

1) get_backend_priority(process_id integer)

Returns the current priority of the selected backend. Any user may query the priority of any other user's backend.

2) set_backend_priority(process_id integer, priority_value integer)

Set the priority of the given backend, specified by its process ID.

Superusers are allowed to set the priority of any backends. Unprivileged users are only allowed to set the priority of backends with the same role.

Note, it is only possible to adjust the priority of a process upwards (meaning, the process will run at a lower priority). This restriction arises from SUSv1, which declares:

Only a process with appropriate privileges can raise its own priority (that is, assign a lower numerical priority value).

and UNIX-like platforms take this to mandate that only root users may adjust priority values downwards. Your PostgreSQL processes will (hopefully!) not be running under root, hence priority values may only be adjusted upwards.


Installation should be a simple:

$ make install
$ CREATE EXTENSION prioritize;


This library is stored in an open GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and contribute! Please file bug reports via GitHub Issues.


Josh Kupershmidt

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