Runtime Configuration

PLV8 has some configuration variables that can be set either in postgresql.conf or at runtime using SET.

|Variable|Description|Default| |--------|-----------|-------| |plv8.start_proc|PLV8 function to run once when PLV8 is first used|none| |plv8.icu_data|ICU data file directory (when compiled with ICU support)|none| |plv8.v8_flags|V8 engine initialization flags (e.g. --harmony for all current harmony features)|none| |plv8.execution_timeout|V8 execution timeout (when compiled with EXECUTION_TIMEOUT)|300 seconds| |plv8.boot_proc|Like start_proc above, but can be set by superuser only|none| |plv8.memory_limit|Memory limit for the per-user heap usage on each connection, in MB|256| |plv8.context|Users can switch to a different global object (globalThis) by using an arbitrary context string|none| |plv8.context_cache_size|Size of the per-user LRU cache for custom contexts|8| |plv8.max_eval_size|Control how eval() can be used, -1 = no limits, 0 = eval() disabled, any other number = max length of the eval-able string in bytes|2MB|