Tembo's Python Client for PGMQ


Install with pip from pypi.org

bash pip install tembo-pgmq-python


Postgres running the Tembo PGMQ extension.


Start a Postgres Instance with the Tembo extension installed

bash docker run -d --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -p 5432:5432 quay.io/tembo/pgmq-pg:latest

Initialize a connection to Postgres

```python from tembo_pgmq_python import PGMQueue, Message

queue = PGMQueue(host="") ```

Create a queue (or a partitioned queue)

```python queue.create_queue("my_queue")

queue.create_partitioned_queue("my_partitioned_queue", partition_size=10000)


Send a message

python msg_id: int = queue.send("my_queue", {"hello": "world"})

Read a message, set it invisible for 30 seconds.

python read_message: Message = queue.read("my_queue", vt=10) print(read_message)

Archive the message after we're done with it. Archived messages are moved to an archive table.

python archived: bool = queue.archive("my_queue", read_message.msg_id)

Delete a message completely.

python msg_id: int = queue.send("my_queue", {"hello": "world"}) read_message: Message = queue.read("my_queue") deleted: bool = queue.delete("my_queue", read_message.msg_id)

Pop a message, deleting it and reading it in one transaction.

python popped_message: Message = queue.pop("my_queue") print(popped_message)