Updating PGMQ


  • Updates from versions before 0.14.3 are not supported, and a full re-install is required.
  • When updating from pre-1.0.0 versions to post-1.0.0 versions, a stop at 1.0.0 is required. For example, if you were to update from 0.33.1 to 1.1.0, you first need to update from 0.33.1 to 1.0.0, and only after 1.0.0 is installed you can perform the update to 1.1.0.

When building from source

If pgrx wasn't initialized yet: ```

Remember to use the flag for your postgres major version

cargo pgrx init --pg15=which pg_config ```

Clone the pgmq repo and checkout the desired version. For example, for 1.0.0: git clone git@github.com/tembo-io:pgmq cd pgmq git checkout v1.0.0

Then, compile and install the extension: cargo pgrx install --release

Now, connect to postgres and run: ALTER EXTENSION pgmq UPDATE

If successfull, pgmq is updated!