The pgmemento.transaction_log table stores metadata about each transaction. It is filled by the pgmemento.log_transaction function (via pgmemento.log_table_event) that is called whenever a table trigger or event trigger is fired. This can happen multiple time during one transaction, but the details are only logged once. The log table contains the following columns: * id SERIAL: The Primary Key * txid BIGINT NOT NULL: The internal transaction ID by PostgreSQL (can cycle) * txid_time TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE NOT NULL: Stores the result of transaction_timestamp() function * process_id INTEGER: Stores the result of pg_backend_pid() function * user_name TEXT: Stores the result of current_user function * client_name TEXT: Stores the result of inet_client_addr() function * client_port INTEGER: Stores the result of inet_client_port() function * application_name TEXT: Stores the output of current_setting('application_name') * session_info JSONB: Stores any infos a client/user defines beforehand with set_config