As pgMemento is written entirely in SQL and PL/pgSQL it's sufficient to run all scripts from the src folder to install it. A new schema will appear in your database called pgmemento. The provided INSTALL_PGMEMENTO.sql script also adds the schema to your database's search_path.

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U my_user -d my_database -f INSTALL_PGMEMENTO.sql

The script should end with the message "pgMemento setup completed!".

Build as extension

Since v0.7 pgMemento can also be installed as an extension into your databases. But first, you have to build the extension. To do so, open a shell environment and change to the extension/pgxn directory. Make the script executable with chmod +x and run it. The output should look like this:

Copying the control file ... done Preparing the filesystem structure ... done Compiling the extension SQL ... done Copying the documentation ... done Building the archive ... adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/ (stored 0%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/ (stored 0%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/pgmemento--0.7--0.7.4.sql (deflated 80%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/pgmemento--0.7.3--0.7.4.sql (deflated 80%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/pgmemento--0.7.2--0.7.4.sql (deflated 80%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/pgmemento--0.7.1--0.7.4.sql (deflated 80%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/sql/pgmemento.sql (deflated 82%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/Makefile (deflated 46%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/META.json (deflated 63%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/pgmemento.control (deflated 30%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/doc/ (stored 0%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/doc/LICENSE.pgmemento (deflated 66%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/doc/pgmemento-docs-0.7.4/ (stored 0%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/pgmemento.control (deflated 30%) adding: pgmemento-0.7.4/Makefile (deflated 46%) done

pgMemento is now bundled in a zip file within the newly created dist directory within the same folder.

Install the extension

Change to the dist folder and unzip the archive. Change to the unpacked pgmemento-0.7.4 directory and run:

make && sudo make install

pgMemento should now be installed in your PostgreSQL. If not, it can be you have to run make install once again. You can connect to any DB and check the pg_available_extensions system view:

SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions WHERE name = 'pgmemento';

If pgMemento is listed there you are now able to run:


Check the pgMemento version

To check which version of pgMemento you have just installed run the following command:

```sql SELECT full_version, build_id FROM pgmemento.version();

full_version | build_id -----------------+---------- pgMemento 0.7.4 | 100 ```

build_id refers to the pull request number, to make it easy to track which changes are included. It might change in the future to the commit hash.