This project accepts community contributions. In order to contribute, please:

  1. Follow the coding style guidelines below
  2. Agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin
  3. Submit a GitHub pull request (PR) for review

Coding Style

Please make sure to follow the general Postgres coding conventions before submitting a PR.

Developer Certificate of Origin

By contributing a PR to this project you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO).

This ensures that you can make the contribution and that the project has the right to distribute your contribution under the terms of the project’s LICENSE. The PR itself is a sign-off of your agreement to the DCO.


Submit a PR against the main branch. Please include one of the following prefixes in your commit messages so the CHANGELOG can be updated automatically:

  • feat: Adds a new feature
  • fix: Fixes a bug in the code
  • refactor: Restructures the code without changing its external behavior
  • docs: Documentation only changes
  • test: Adds or modifies tests
  • style: Changes to whitespace, formatting, etc; no code changes
  • chore: Changes to the build process or auxiliary tools