pg_task 1.14.8

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pg_task 1.14.8
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PostgreSQL task
PostgreSQL job scheduler pg_task allows to execute any sql command at any specific time at background asynchronously
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pg_task 1.14.8


pg_task config

to run pg_task add it to line conf shared_preload_libraries = 'pg_task'

by default pg_task use table conf pg_task.default_table = 'task' and sleep timeout conf pg_task.default_timeout = 1000 milliseconds and reset count conf pg_task.default_reset = 60 of timeout

by default pg_task run on local database postgres with user postgres with default schema (in search path) with default table (as abow) and default timeout (as abow)

to run specific database and/or user and/or schema and/or table and/or timeout set line (in json format) conf pg_task.json = '[{"data":"database1"},{"data":"database2","user":"username2"},{"data":"database3","schema":"schema3"},{"data":"database4","table":"table4"},{"data":"database5","timeout":100}]'

if database and/or user and/or schema and/or table does not exist then pg_task create it

pg_task using

by default pg_task create table with folowing columns

id bigserial - primary key

parent bigint - foreign key to parent task (if need)

plan timestamp - planned time of start

start timestamp - actial time of start

stop timestamp - actial time of stop

group text - groupping task

max int - maximum concurently tasks in group

pid int - id of process executing task

input text - sql to execute

output text - result received

error text - error occured

state state - PLAN, TAKE, WORK, DONE, FAIL or STOP

timeout interval - allowed time to run

delete boolean - autodelete (if output is null)

repeat interval - autorepeat interval

drift boolean - see below

count integer - maximum task executed by current worker

live interval - maximum time of live of current worker

remote text - connect to remote database (if need)

but you may add any needed colums and/or make partitions

to run task more quickly execute sql command sql INSERT INTO task (input) VALUES ('SELECT now()')

to run task after 5 minutes write plannded time sql INSERT INTO task (plan, input) VALUES (now() + '5 min':INTERVAL, 'SELECT now()')

to run task at specific time so write sql INSERT INTO task (plan, input) VALUES ('2029-07-01 12:51:00', 'SELECT now()')

to repeat task every 5 minutes write sql INSERT INTO task (repeat, input) VALUES ('5 min', 'SELECT now()')

if write so sql INSERT INTO task (repeat, input, drift) VALUES ('5 min', 'SELECT now()', false) then repeat task will start after 5 minutes after task done (instead after planned time as default)

if exception occures it catched and writed in error as text sql INSERT INTO task (input) VALUES ('SELECT 1/0')

if some group needs concurently run only 2 tasks then use command sql INSERT INTO task (group, max, input) VALUES ('group', 2, 'SELECT now()')

if in this group there are more tasks and they are executing concurently by 2 then command sql INSERT INTO task (group, max, input) VALUES ('group', 3, 'SELECT now()') will execute task as more early in this group (as like priority)

to run task on remote database use sql command sql INSERT INTO task (input, remote) VALUES ('SELECT now()', 'user=user host=host')