Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Guide


Purpose of This Document

This document explains the actions required for migrating an Oracle database to PostgreSQL and provides notes on migration.

Intended Readers

This guide is intended for persons engaged in migrating an Oracle database to PostgreSQL. The reader is assumed to have general knowledge of the following:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle database
  • SQL
  • Linux

Structure of This Document

The organization and contents of this guide are as follows:

Chapter 1 Pre-Migration Configuration

Explains the PostgreSQL settings that must be configured before migration.

Chapter 2 Migrating Syntax Elements

Explains how to migrate SQL syntax elements.

Chapter 3 Migrating Functions

Explains how to migrate SQL functions.

Chapter 4 Migrating SQL Statements

Explains how to migrate SQL statements.

Chapter 5 Migrating PL/SQL

Explains how to migrate PL/SQL.

Chapter 6 Notes on Using orafce

Provides notes on using Oracle database compatibility features added by orafce.

Appendix A Correspondence with Oracle Databases

Explains the correspondence between PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.


Edition 1.0: February 2017