Parser/Archvie state data structure

Within state->{'Archive'} data is kept using following structure:

state->{'Archive'}->{ Timeline }->{ Offset } = [ DATA ]


  • Timeline - leading-zero-trimmed timeline of wal segment

  • Offset - offset of wal segment

  • DATA - data about archiving this segment

For example, data about segment 0000000100008930000000E0 will be in


and for 000000010000012300000005 in


Please note additional 0 before 5 in last example - it's due to fact that we keep always 2 last characters from wal segment name.

DATA is arrayref which contains:

  • [0] - epoch of when omnipitr-archive was called, for the first time, for given wal segment

  • [1] - epoch of when omnipitr-archive last time delivered the segment