All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. It uses the Keep a Changelog format, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[v0.1.1] — 2024-06-12

The theme of this release is fast follows.

⬆️ Dependency Updates

  • Updated boon to v0.6.

⚡ Improvements

  • Removed custom schema loader, taking advantage of the feature of boon v0.6 to remove all loaders (santhosh-tekuri/boon#12).

v0.1.0 — 2024-04-30

The theme of this release is learning Rust and pgrx.

⚡ Improvements

  • First release, everything is new!
  • JSON Schema validation using boon
  • Fully supports draft 2020-12, draft 2019-09, draft-7, draft-6, and draft-4
  • Multi-object schema composition
  • Remote fetching of resources disabled

🏗️ Build Setup

  • Built with Rust
  • Use make for most actions
  • Download from PGXN or GitHub
  • CI testing on PostgreSQL 11–16

📚 Documentation