2023-05-27 version 1.4.0:

New features:

  • Support hypothetically hiding existing indexes, hypothetical or not (github user nutvii and Julien Rouhaud)


  • Have hypopg_relation_size() error out rather than returning 0 if called for an oid that isn't a hypothetical index oid

  • Slighthly reduce memory usage for hypothetical btree indexes without INCLUDE keys

2021-06-21 version 1.3.1:


  • Fix compatibility with PostgreSQL 14 beta 2

2021-06-04 version 1.3.0:

New features:

  • Add support for hypothetical hash indexes (pg10+)

2021-02-26 version 1.2.0:

New features:

  • Make hypopg work on standby servers using a new "fake" oid generator, that borrows Oids in the FirstBootstrapObjectId / FirstNormalObjectId range rather than real oids. If necessary, the old behavior can still be used with the new hypopg.use_real_oids configuration option.

    Bug fixes

  • Check if access methods support an INCLUDE clause to avoid creating invalid hypothetical indexes.

  • Display hypothetical indexes on dropped table in hypopg_list_indexes.


  • Change hypopg_list_indexes() to view hypopg_list_indexes.

  • Various documentation improvements.

2020-06-24 version 1.1.4:

New features:

- Add support for hypothetical index on partitioned tables


  • Fix compatibility with PostgreSQL 13

    Bug fixes

  • Check that the target relation is a table or a materialized view

2019-06-16 version 1.1.3:


  • Fix compatibility with PostgreSQL 12
  • Don't leak client_encoding change after hypopg extension is created (Michael Kröll)
  • Use a dedicated MemoryContext to store hypothetical objects
  • Fix compatibility on Windows (Godwottery)

    Bug fixes

  • Call previous explain_get_index_name_hook if it was setup

  • add hypopg_reset_index() SQL function

2018-05-30 version 1.1.2:

New features

- Add support for INCLUDE on hypothetical indexes (pg11+)
- Add support for parallel hypothetical index scan (pg11+)

Bug fixes:

- Fix support for pg11, thanks to Christoph Berg for the report

2018-03-20 version 1.1.1:

Bug fixes:

- Fix potentially uninitialized variables, thanks to Jeremy Finzel for the
- Support hypothetical indexes on materialized view, thanks to Andrew Kane
  for the report.


- add support for PostgreSQL 11

2017-10-04 version 1.1.0:

New features:

- add support for hypothetical indexes on expression
- add a hypopg_get_indexdef() function to get definition of a stored
  hypothetical index

Bug fixes:

- don't allow hypothetical unique or multi-column index if the AM doesn't
  support it
- disallow hypothetical indexes on system columns (except OID)
- fix indexes using DESC clause and default NULLS ordering, thanks to
  Andrew Kane for the report and test case.
- fix PostgreSQL 9.6+ support, thanks to Rob Stolarz for the report


- add support for PostgreSQL 10

2016-10-24 version 1.0.0:

  • fix memory leak in hypopg() function

2016-07-07 version 0.0.5:

  • add support for PostgreSQL 9.6, thanks to Konstantin Mosolov for fixing some issues
  • add support from new bloom access method (9.6+)
  • fix issue with hypothetical indexes on expression (thanks to Konstantin Mosolov)
  • fix possible crash in hypothetical index size estimation

2015-11-06 version 0.0.4:

  • remove the simplified "hypopg_add_index()" function
  • free memory when hypothetical index creation fails
  • check that number of column is suitable for a real index
  • for btree indexes, check that the estimated average row size is small enough to allow a real index creation.
  • handle BRIN indexes.
  • handle index storage parameters for supported index methods.
  • handle index on predicate.
  • safer handling of locks.

2015-08-08 version 0.0.3:

  • fix a bug when a regular query could fail after a hypothetical index have been created, and tested with explain.
  • hypopg_create_index() and hypopg_add_index() now returns the oid and index names.
  • add hypopg.enabled GUC. It allows disabling HypoPG globally or in a single backend. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the patch.

2015-07-08 version 0.0.2:

  • fix crash when building hypothetical index on expression, thanks to Thom Brown for the report.

2015-06-24 version 0.0.1:

  • First version of HypoPG.