We provide a Dockerfile for development without installation of H3 and Postgres. The following requires that your system has docker installed.

Simply run ./.github/docker/ -t.

It will mount the code as a volume, and also mount the test output directory, so output can be inspected.

Documentation is generated from the sql files, using the script scripts/ (requires poetry).

Release Process

  1. Update version number
    • Don't follow semver, simply use major and minor from H3 core and increment patch.
    • Version number should be changed in h3.control, h3_postgis.control and META.json.
    • Update files suffixed --unreleased should be renamed.
    • Create new update files with --unreleased suffix.
    • Update changelog by moving from Unreleased to a new section
  2. Create a release on GitHub
    • Draft new release "vX.Y.Z"
    • Copy entry into release description
  3. Distribute the extension on PGXN
    • Run make dist to package the release
    • Upload the distribution on PGXN Manager (username: bytesandbrains)
  4. Revert version numbers in h3.control, h3_postgis.control and META.json to unreleased