We provide a Dockerfile for development without installation of H3 and Postgres. The following requires that your system has docker installed.

Simply run ./scripts/

It will mount the code as a volume, and also mount the test output directory, so output can be inspected. It might be needed to chmod the repo directory if you get permission denied errors.

Release Process

  1. Update version number
    • Don't follow semver, simply use major and minor from H3 core and increment patch.
    • Version number should be changed in h3.control and META.json.
  2. Create a release on GitHub
    • Draft new release "vX.Y.Z"
    • Copy entry into release description
  3. Distribute the extension on PGXN
    • Run make dist to package the release
    • Upload the distribution on PGXN Manager (username: bytesandbrains)