Installing firebird_fdw on CentOS/Redhat

RPM package installation

Beginning with version 1.2.1, firebird_fdw (and libfq) packages for PostgreSQL 10 and later are available via the PostgreSQL community YUM repository; for details see here:

Packages for PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6, as well as for older firebird_fdw versions, will continue to be available for as long as possible via the Fedora "copr" build system; for details see here:

Note that packages are generally only built for PostgreSQL versions currently under community support.

Source installation


  • libfq, a libpq-like API wrapper for the Firebird C API; see:

    libfq packages are available via the Fedora "copr" build system. see:

    Source installation instructions are also available.

    NOTE the latest libfq version should be used with the current firebird_fdw version, as the two are usually developed in tandem.

  • following packages must be installed:

    • firebird-devel
    • libfbclient2

If PostgreSQL itself is not installed from source, the appropriate dev package is also required:

  • postgresql{VERSION}-devel

where {VERSION} corresponds to the PostgreSQL version firebird_fdw is being built against (e.g.12, 96).

IMPORTANT: you must build firebird_fdw against the PostgreSQL version it will be installed on.


Ensure the PGXS build system can locate the Firebird header files with:

export PG_CPPFLAGS="-I /usr/include/firebird"

Ensure the pg_config binary for the target PostgreSQL version is in the shell path; then execute:

make && sudo make install

which should build and install firebird_fdw.