Version 0.23

  • new function ddlx_createonly() to create pre-data stuff only. This includes ddl, comments, storage, defaults, settings and owner but not conststraints, indexes, triggers etc. Use ddlx_alter() to create those after the data is loaded.
  • more use of explicit casts
  • ddlx_create_trigger() improvements by PegoraroF10, now with replica and always triggers
  • change sysid in some places to oid
  • include electric-sql build system

Version 0.22

  • new function ddlx_alter() to create SQL ALTER statements
  • new option nodrop to omit drop statements alltogether
  • bug fix - avoid duplicate indexes on partitioned tables
  • bug fix - omit inherited constraints from subpartitions
  • pg_amproc and pg_amop objects are now ommited from ddlx_script depends
  • but they are now included in ddlx_create_operator_class()
  • put a comment on DROP TABLE statements to make them stand out

Version 0.21

  • support for extensions
  • improvements to ddlx_create_collation()
  • added IF NOT EXISTS in a few more places
  • new options nodcl,noowner,nogrants,noalter
  • owner now dumped only if distinct from current role or option owner is specified
  • disabled subscriptions on pg < 14 to make all of this usable to non superusers
  • one can still dump subscriptions with ddlx_create_subscription() function

Version 0.20

  • new internal function ddlx_definitions() to return different parts of object definition
  • ddlx_create() now uses this
  • implemented option ine for adding IF NOT EXISTS in some places
  • implemented option ie for adding IF EXISTS in some places
  • implemented option drop to include drop statements in a script.
  • demoted a bunch of overloaded ddlx_create() functions, now it all goes through ddlx_create(oid)
  • ddlx_grants() is now more consistent

Version 0.19

  • ddlx_apropos() now uses POSIX instead of SQL regular expressions
  • Postgres 14 test fail fix

Version 0.18

  • bug fix in create_event_trigger()
  • ddlx_identify() now more correctly identifies regtype vs regclass objects
  • exclude objects from extensions unless ext option is specified
  • added .travis.yml

Version 0.17

  • improved support for Postgres 13 (added missing test files)
  • updated tests

Version 0.16

  • support for GENERATED columns

Version 0.15

  • added parameter ddlx_options text[] to a bunch of functions
  • bug fixes WRT dropped attributes
  • added ddlx_apropos(pattern) function to search queries (functions and views) matching a pattern
  • support for publications and subscriptions
  • pg12 test fixes

Version 0.14

  • improved for Postgres 12 (WITH OIDS is deprecated)

Version 0.13

  • support for ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN SET configurations (attoptions)
  • support for ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN SET STATISTICS (attstattarget)
  • support for materialized views WITH NO DATA
  • some support for tables OF type (still missing not nulls)
  • better handling of SERIAL columns, particularly in scripts
  • CLUSTER now also works for constraint indexes + name bugfix
  • ddlx_create(regrole) now works for non-superusers + other bugfixes
  • partition key now displayed correctly thanks to pg_get_partkeydef(oid)
  • slightly reworked some of the queries in ddlx_get_* functions to make them a lot faster :)
  • added tests for index fillfactor and not valid constraints
  • removal of obsolete pg_attrdef.adsrc
  • misc bug fixes: operator name, better 9.1 compatibility

Version 0.12

  • support CLUSTER table USING index
  • support for disabled triggers
  • support for policies (row level security)
  • support for statistics
  • support for grants on foreign data wrappers and servers
  • support for ALTER DATABASE SET configurations
  • some support for partitioning
  • some support for operator classes, pg_amproc, pg_amop
  • added new ddlx_alter_class(regclass) (internal) function, for post data DDL
  • more use of format() function for speed and readability
  • slight refactoring removing some code duplication

Version 0.11

  • support for column grants
  • support for fdw options on columns
  • function ddlx_get_dependants_recursive() rolled into ddlx_get_dependants()
  • removed redundant column 'kind' from ddlx_identify()
  • bug fix in create enum

Version 0.10

  • pg 11 compatible, but it runs on older versions from 9.1 on
  • fix ddlx_script(text) dependants bug
  • support for languages and transforms
  • support for databases
  • support for tablespaces
  • support for rules
  • support for column storage parameters
  • some support for access methods
  • some support for operator families
  • added column 'acl' to ddlx_identify()
  • new ddlx_grants(oid) function
  • ddlx_get_dependants_recursive() is faster
  • better storage parameter output in ddlx_describe()
  • preprocessor for specific pg version
  • more use of format() function for speed and readability
  • some code cleanup for speed and readability
  • bug fixes

Version 0.9

  • renamed extension to ddlx
  • API rename pg_ddlx -> ddlx (it is long enough)
  • support for event triggers
  • support for foreign data wrappers
  • support for foreign servers
  • support for foreign user mappings
  • support for text search configurations (regconfig)
  • support for text search dictionaries (regdictionary)
  • support for text search parsers and templates
  • support for casts
  • support for collations
  • support for conversions
  • permission fixes for non superusers
  • renamed pg_ddlx_get_columns function to ddlx_describe
  • improved script formatting
  • improved regression tests
  • bug fixes for ddlx_drop

Version 0.8

  • API rename pg_ddl -> pg_ddlx (think DDL eXtractor)
  • add pg_ddlx_create(oid) and pg_ddlx_drop(oid) functions to API
  • pg_ddlx_script() now also includes dependant objects and wraps the whole thing with BEGIN/END
  • support for regoper, regoperator
  • support for regnamespace (grants are missing!)
  • fix pg_ddlx_get_triggers() (TRUNCATE and INSTEAD supported)
  • more slight banner changes
  • more use of format() function for speed and readability

Version 0.7

  • pg_ddl_oid_info() renamed to pg_ddl_identify() and improved with new types
  • pg_ddl_script() now works for oid and text arguments
  • pg_ddl_script(oid) also handles constraints, triggers and defaults
  • slight banner change
  • use of format() function for speed and readability
  • added pg_ddl_get_dependants() internal function
  • aggregate support (not for ordered yet!)

Version 0.6

  • support for regroles
  • support for collations on domains
  • support for range types

Version 0.5

  • support for foreign tables
  • support for reloptions (alter view set)
  • bugfix when printing [] before typmod

Version 0.4

  • initial support for base types
  • do not dump owner grants on classes
  • use CREATE OR REPLACE in extension
  • empty index name bug fix

Version 0.3

  • support for column collations

Version 0.2

  • bug fixes
  • added META.json

Version 0.1

  • initial version