To see the list of features and bug-fixes planned for next releases, see our development roadmap.

Requested Features

  • Improve write performance
  • Improve read performance
  • Add checksum logic
  • Add new compression methods
  • Enable users other than superuser to safely create columnar tables (permissions)
  • Transactional semantics
  • Add config setting to make pg_fsync() optional

Known Issues

  • Copy command ignores NOT NULL constraints.
  • Planning functions don't take into account average column width.
  • Planning functions don't correctly take into account block skipping benefits.
  • On 32-bit platforms, when file size is outside the 32-bit signed range, EXPLAIN command prints incorrect file size.
  • If two different columnar tables are configured to point to the same file, writes to the underlying file aren't protected from each other.
  • When a data load is in progress, concurrent reads on the table overestimate the page count.
  • We have a minor memory leak in CStoreEndWrite. We need to also free the comparisonFunctionArray.
  • block_filtering test fails on Ubuntu because the "da_DK" locale is not enabled by default.
  • We don't yet incorporate the compression method's impact on disk I/O into cost estimates.
  • CitusDB integration errors:
  • Concurrent staging cstore_fdw tables doesn't work.
  • Setting a default value for column with ALTER TABLE has limited support for existing rows.