Apache AGE - Go driver Type mapping

  • For more information about Apache AGE result types : https://age.apache.org/docs/Apache_AGE_Guide.pdf

| Type | AGE Result | Go Type | |------|------------|---------| |Vertex|::vertex |Vertex
vertex.Id() int64
vertex.Label() string
vertex.Prop(string) interface{} | |Edge |::edge |Edge
edge.Id() int64
edge.Label() string
edge.StartId() int64
edge.EndId() int64
edge.Prop(string) interface{} | |Path |::path |Path
path.Size() int // quantity of vertices and edges in this path
path.Get(index int) Entity // Vertex or Edge
path.GetAsVertex(index int) *Vertex
path.GetAsEdge(index int) *Edge | |Integer |int |int64 | |Float |float
NaN, -Infinity, Infinity |float64
math.Nan(), math.Inf(-1),math.Inf(1) | |Numeric |::numeric |
big.Float | |String|string |string | |Boolean|bool |bool | |Null|empty result |nil |