incubator-age AGType parser and driver support for Python

AGType parser and driver support for Apache AGE, graph extention for PostgreSQL.


  • Unmarshal AGE result data(AGType) to Vertex, Edge, Path
  • Cypher query support for Psycopg2 PostreSQL driver (enables to use cypher queries directly)


  • over Python 3.9
  • This module runs on psycopg2 and antlr4-python3 ``` sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python3-dev libpq-dev pip install --no-binary :all: psycopg2 pip install antlr4-python3-runtime



python -m unittest -v python -m unittest -v

Build from source

``` git clone cd incubator-age/dirivers/python

python install


Install from PyPi

``` pip install apache-age-python


For more information about Apache AGE

  • Apache Incubator Age :
  • Github :
  • Document :
  • apache-age-python GitHub :

Check AGE loaded on your PostgreSQL

Connect to your containerized Postgres instance and then run the following commands: ```


CREATE EXTENSION age; LOAD 'age'; SET search_path = ag_catalog, "$user", public; ```



Apache-2.0 License