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aclexplode 1.0.3
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A backport of aclexplode function for PostgreSQL 8.4 and below
A backport of aclexplode function, that formats ACL items to human-readable and easy to parse records
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aclexplode 1.0.3
A backport of aclexplode function for PostgreSQL 8.4 and below



The main purpse of aclexplode function is to convert the relacl array from pg_class row into the new representation, that can be easily parsed or interpreted by the user. Each result row consists of grantor and grantee OIDs, text description of the given privilege (i.e INSERT, TRUNCATE and so on) and a flag, defining whether the grantee is allowed to grant the privilege to another role.

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To build aclexplode, just do this:

make installcheck
make install

If you encounter an error such as:

"Makefile", line 8: Need an operator

You need to use GNU make, which may well be installed on your system as gmake:

gmake install
gmake installcheck

If you encounter an error such as:

make: pg_config: Command not found

Be sure that you have pg_config installed and in your path. If you used a package management system such as RPM to install PostgreSQL, be sure that the -devel package is also installed. If necessary tell the build process where to find it:

env PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config make && make installcheck && make install

And finally, if all that fails (and if you're on PostgreSQL 8.1 or lower, it likely will), copy the entire distribution directory to the contrib/ subdirectory of the PostgreSQL source tree and try it there without pg_config:

env NO_PGXS=1 make && make installcheck && make install

If you encounter an error such as:

ERROR:  must be owner of database regression

You need to run the test suite using a super user, such as the default "postgres" super user:

make installcheck PGUSER=postgres

Warning: generally, there is no point in installing aclexplode on anything newer than 8.4, since PostgreSQL 9.0 already have built-in aclexplode function. Once aclexplode is installed, you can add it to a database. If you're running PostgreSQL 9.1.0 or greater, it's a simple as connecting to a database as a super user and running:


If you've upgraded your cluster to PostgreSQL 9.1 and already had aclexplode installed, you can upgrade it to a properly packaged extension with:

CREATE EXTENSION aclexplode FROM unpackaged;

For versions of PostgreSQL less than 9.1.0, you'll need to run the installation script:

psql -d mydb -f /path/to/pgsql/share/contrib/aclexplode.sql

If you want to install aclexplode and all of its supporting objects into a specific schema, use the PGOPTIONS environment variable to specify the schema, like so:

PGOPTIONS=--search_path=extensions psql -d mydb -f aclexplode.sql


The aclexplode data type has no dependencies other than PostgreSQL.

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