Database Connections

module: pyrseas.lib.dbconn

The dbconn module defines DbConnection.

Database Connection

A DbConnection is a helper class representing a connection to a PostgreSQL database via the Psycopg adapter. It provides an easier interface than direct access to Psycopg. For example:

>>> from pyrseas.lib.dbconn import DbConnection
>>> db = DbConnection('dbname')
>>> db.fetchone("SHOW server_version")[0]
>>> db.commit()

A DbConnection is not necessarily connected. In the case of Pyrseas dbtoyaml </dbtoyaml> and yamltodb </yamltodb>, it will typically connect to the database when the ~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict ~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict.fetch method is first invoked. It is normally disconnected just before the ~pyrseas.database.Database ~pyrseas.database.Database.from_catalog returns.

autoclass: DbConnection

automethod: DbConnection.connect

automethod: DbConnection.close

automethod: DbConnection.commit

automethod: DbConnection.rollback

automethod: DbConnection.execute

automethod: DbConnection.fetchone

automethod: DbConnection.fetchall