pgzint 0.1.4

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pgzint 0.1.4
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A PostgreSQL extension for the Zint barcode library
This library contains a PostgreSQL extension called pgzint, which allows you to generate PNG-formatted barcode images from a number of different symbologies supported by Zint. It includes a helper view and table for information about supported barcode symbols, as well as convenience functions for generating default barcodes from input text.
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pgzint 0.1.4
A PostgreSQL extension for the Zint barcode library


pgzint 0.1.4

PostgreSQL extension for the Zint Barcode library

This extension adds support for generating barcodes via database functions, to allow any application that can display PNG images to have barcode generation support without directly integrating with Zint. The images are returned via a bytea result.

It primarily adds a function, from pgzint.c:

    pinput text,
    psymbology integer,
    pheight integer,
    pscale float8,
    pwhitespacewidth integer,
    pborderwidth integer,
    poutputoptions integer,
    pfgcolor text,
    pbgcolor text,
    pshowtext boolean,
    poption1 integer,
    poption2 integer,
    poption3 integer,
    protation integer = 0

To determine information about what barcode symbologies are available, a table called bc_symbols and a view called barcodes have been added. Two functions, getzintsymbolconstant(integer) and getzintsymbolid(text) can be used to look make passing parameters to the barcode generation function easier.


To generate a QR code with default values:

SELECT bc_qrcode('SAMPLE');

Which is the equivalent of calling:

SELECT bc_generate('SAMPLE', 58, NULL, 2, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 14, NULL);

Which uses symbology 58, a scale factor of 2, and value 14 creates a 73x73 image according to section 6.6.2 of the Zint docs. I felt these were sane values, always feel free to call bc_generate directly with your own choices. bc_generate is the only function directly implemented in C, the other convenience functions are just wrappers for bc_generate and can be copied using pgAdmin.

Currently implemented convenience functions:

bc_qrcode(pinput text)
bc_excode39(pinput text)
bc_pdf417(pinput text)
bc_maxicode(pinput text)
bc_code128(pinput text)

With the rest planned as time allows.


To build it, just do this:

make installcheck
make install

If you are updating from a version prior to 0.1.4, after you make/make install issue the following to each database that has pgzint installed:


If you encounter an error such as:

make: pg_config: Command not found

Be sure that you have pg_config installed and in your path. If you used a package management system such as RPM to install PostgreSQL, be sure that the -devel package is also installed. If necessary tell the build process where to find it:

env PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config make && make installcheck && make install

If you encounter an error such as:

ERROR:  must be owner of database contrib_regression

You need to run the test suite using a super user, such as the default "postgres" super user:

make installcheck PGUSER=postgres

Once pgzint is installed, you can add it to a database. If you're running PostgreSQL 9.1.0 or greater, it's a simple as connecting to a database as a super user and running:



The pgzint extension requires PostgreSQL 9.1 or greater, libzint and libpng.

Copyright and License

pgzint written by David Beauchamp, Released under the MIT license.

libpng license

libzint license