Release Notes

Below is the complete list of release notes for every version of pg_stat_monitor.



PG-186: Add support to monitor query execution plan

PG-147: Store top query, instead of parent query.

PG-188: Added a new column to monitor the query state i.e PARSING/PLANNING/ACTIVE/FINISHED.

PG-180: Schema Qualified table/relations names.

Regression Test Suite.

Bugs Fixed

PG-189: Regression crash in case of PostgreSQL 11.

PG-187: Compilation Error for PostgreSQL 11 and PostgreSQL 12.

PG-186: Add support to monitor query execution plan.

PG-182: Added a new option for the query buffer overflow.

PG-181: Segmentation fault in case of track_utility is ON.

Some Code refactoring.


PG-147: Stored Procedure Support add parentid to track caller.

PG-177: Error in Histogram ranges.



Column userid (int64) was removed. Column dbid (int64) was removed.

Column user (string) was added (replacement for userid). Column datname (string) was added (replacement for dbid).

PG-176: Extract fully qualified relations name.

PG-175: Only Superuser / Privileged user can view IP address.

PG-174: Code cleanup.

PG-173: Added new WAL usage statistics.

PG-172: Exponential histogram for time buckets.

PG-164: Query timing will be four decimal places instead of two.

PG-167: SQLERRCODE must be in readable format.

Bugs Fixed

PG-169: Fixing message buffer overrun and incorrect index access to fix the server crash.

PG-168: "calls" and histogram parameter does not match.

PG-166: Display actual system time instead of null.

PG-165: Recycle expired buckets.

PG-150: Error while logging CMD Type like SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE.


PG-165: Recycle expired buckets.

PG-164: Query timing will be four decimal places instead of two.

PG-161: Miscellaneous small issues.


PG-158: Segmentation fault while using pgbench with clients > 1.

PG-159: Bucket start time (bucket_start_time) should be aligned with bucket_time.

PG-160: Integration with PGXN.



PG-153: Capture and record the application_name executing the query.

PG-145: Add a new View/Query to show the actual Database name and Username.

PG-110; Aggregate the number of warnings.

PG-109: Log failed queries or queries with warning messages.

PG-150: Differentiate different types of queries such as SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE.

Bugs Fixed

PG-111 Show information for incomplete buckets.

PG-148 Loss of query statistics/monitoring due to not enough “slots” available.


Initial Release.



PG-156: Adding a placeholder replacement function for the prepared statement