0.1 -> 0.2

fn_update_audit_log_trigger_on_table() Config tables tb_audit_field and tb_audit_data_type

0.2 -> 0.3

Lots of fixes for pg_dump/pg_restore and schema qualification Added sequences sq_pk_audit_field and sq_pk_audit_data_type as config data

0.3 -> 0.4

Changed extension name to "cyanaudit" and fixed branding throughout. Added check for PostgreSQL 9.1.7 Added support for archiving and restoring audit data to/from files. Better error checking throughout and during installation. Moved log rotation function to an external Perl script to avoid race condition Fixed bug with audit_event sequence going out of range Added DDL trigger for Postgres 9.3 and above

0.4 -> 0.9.0

Made Cyan Audit ready for PGXN Changed to semantic version number